HerbYvore Foods

"HerbYvore Plant Protein Block is super versatile, it’s worth to have it in your fridge for when you need to whip up a quick snack, dinner or even dessert."

Ania Lees (Plant-Based Nutritionist & Chef)
HerbYvore Foods

"I was one of the first to try HerbY-Cheese (Cheddar & Mozzarella) and was impressed with the taste and texture. They also melt well which makes them versatile and easy to use."

Shalu Asnani (Chef and Founder of Little Green Kitchen)
HerbYvore Foods

"To me, HerbY-Cheese indeed tasted like regular mozzarella and cheddar. They would be a good pairing to sandwiches, and serve well as cheese shavings for pasta too."

Kris (Digital Creator)
HerbYvore Foods

"I was really amazed by how similar the texture is to real cheese when I was cutting HerbY-Cheese. Not only is the texture similar... It melts like real cheese!"

Josephine (Digital Creator)