The Herbyvore Concept !

HerbYvore Foods brings you delectable, nutritious and sustainable plant-based products, consciously provide healthy food choices to you without having to compromise on taste!

Our plant-based products are a perfect fit, if you are looking for vegan or sustainable alternatives or simply exploring viable options to mainstream cooking ingredients.

Did you know that Around 65% of adults are lactose intolerant?
Use HerbyVore to reduce your dairy reliance

Good for you !
Good for environment!

Our Story

Born at the Food lab in the National University of Singapore, HerbYvore nurtured the vision of bringing plant-based food mainstream. We are committed to developing and producing tasty and healthy sustainable products, not just for vegans and vegetarians but for everyone looking to make sustainable consumption as part of their lives!

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Join us in our path to a sustainable future!

We are dedicated to providing innovative healthy food solutions that positively impact the environment. You are making a profound environmental impact by Going dairy free, even if it’s for a meal!

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Give Peas a Chance

HerbYvore Pea Paneer - Our first launched plant-based product is a Cottage Cheese with a twist!

Made with yellow pea protein, HerbYvore Pea Paneer is 100% plant based and is ready to make its way to kitchens around the globe.

A staple protein source and a #SustainablyDelicious option of Vegans & Vegetarians.

What makes HerbYvore
Pea Paneer good for you

A source of 100% Plant Protein

No Added sugar & Preservatives

Low in Fat

Easy to use in any vegan/vegetarian recipes

Tastes delicious, texture colour

Protein, Calcium & Dietary Fiber

Non - GMO

Non - animal protein

No artificial colouring

your daily fibre and
calcium requirement

All while consuming less fat!

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