Find out more about our products and get the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about HerbYvore.

How to store an unopened pack of pea paneer and for how long can it be stored?

It can be stored unopened up to expiry date which is 6 months from date of manufacture. Once opened consume within 7 days. Needs to be stored chilled at 4-8 degrees Celsius.

Can opened Pack or half consumed pack be used later?

Opened and half consumed pack should be stored by wrapping in cling wrap and placing it in a covered container in the Refrigerator and should be consumed within 6 days.

Any tips on how to cook it?

Please visit our IG handle, YouTube page or our website for interesting recipe ideas. It can generally be used as a non-melting cheese replacement in most cuisines!

Can it be Eaten Raw?

It can be eaten raw, but it might taste slightly beany (it is made with peas after all!). Best to douse with some olive oil, pepper and salt and have it in a salad

Where can I buy it from?

It is available to purchase from all NTUC Finest Outlets, EveryDayVeganGrocer (Physical store and online) and on e-commerce platforms such as NourishSG, LivfreshFarms and GoodFoodPeople by Salad Stop.

Where can I try the pea paneer dishes?

Our pea paneer dishes can be tried at restaurants such as Rang Mahal, Yantra and Kailash Parbat. Watch this space as the list is growing.

What are the ingredients of PEA PANEER?

Pea Paneer is made from Non-GMO Pea Protein Powder, Water, Vinegar, Calcium Sulphate and Canola Oil. Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme that is used as a processing aid. 

    Does it Contain any allergens?

    No, it is completely free from any type of known allergen.

      Is it Halal?

      Yes, we are Halal Certified.

        Why is it good for you?

        It has 30% less fat and 30% more calcium than regular paneer. Compared to tofu and most nondairy cheeses it has 50-100% more protein. It is also a great source for dietary fibre.

          Why is it good for the planet?

          It uses 90% less land, 90% less water and emits 90% less greenhouse gases than dairy paneer. Who knew doing good for the planet could be this delicious?

            When will we be available in other countries?

            As soon as possible.  We are soon looking to expand to India and UK and looking for distributors at other counties too. Do get in touch if you are looking to be part of our sustainably delicious journey.