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Supply Chain Transparency of Herbyvorefoods

HerbYvore’s pea paneer is made from peas farmed in Canada, which are then transported under minimal cold chain conditions to Singapore. It is then locally manufactured under the highest hygiene and quality standards into the paneer blocks available for purchase at your local NTUC Finest. Herbyvore’s parent company, Agrocorp, specialises in the trade of staple food products like pulses and wheat, so you can ensure that the pea protein is being transported in good hands. 

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How to spend a Sustainable day in Singapore?

In Dec 2019, PETA Asia declared Singapore as Asia’s second most favourite sustainable city. From Herbyvore’s Pea Paneer to Mock meat burgers and dairy free ice creams, Singapore is becoming the paradise for plant-based eaters.
Here is how you can spend a sustainable day in Singapore.

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